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Village Backdrop: Lanthorn (5e) 2.0
Village Backdrop: Lanthorn (5e) 2.0
Village Backdrop: Lanthorn (5e) 2.0
Village Backdrop: Lanthorn (5e) 2.0
Village Backdrop: Lanthorn (5e) 2.0
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Village Backdrop: Lanthorn (5e) 2.0

A 5e Compatible GM's Resource by Creighton Broadhurst

High up in the mountains, and often besieged by packs of murderous trolls, the village of Lanthorn stands as civilisation’s last glimmering light in an otherwise bleak and barren mountain range. A strange alliance of wizards—the Grand Conclave of Sublime Artificers—and a gaggle of (almost) civilised goblins—the Flaming Skull tribe—dwells in a bizarre atmosphere that is both scholarly and anarchic. Protected by high walls and gigantic magical lanterns imbued with potent fire magic, the wizards craft the mundane and wondrous items for which they are famed. Without the walls brave—or foolhardy—goblin “miners” search the nearby troll-haunted mines for lead and silver—some of which is reputed to have magical properties.

This updated edition of Village Backdrop: Lanthorn comprises several extra pages of new material along with notes on playing goblin characters!

Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises normal homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers.

  1. Refuge: Lanthorn’s gates close at dusk and do not open again until dawn. Those caught outside can seek shelter in one of these sturdy buildings standing without the village’s walls. All are battle scarred. Unfortunately, the trolls have learnt that tasty snacks can often be found within. 
  2. High Gate: High Gate is impressively fortified. Its southern tower is the highest building in the village. It is through this gate that most visitors first enter Lanthorn. 
  3. The Shadow Market: Many goblins scrape a living running small stalls in the market. Here they sell whatever they’ve scavenged from the mines or stolen from unwary travellers (or each other).
  4. Caves of the Flaming Skull: The bulk of the tribe dwells in a complex warren of cramped tunnels cut into the mountain. This convoluted cave network is perfectly sized for goblins, but many humans find them claustrophobic. Members of the Grand Conclave are rarely encountered therein.
  5. Hall of the Grand Conclave: This rambling collection of buildings provides the Conclave with the space to carry out its works. Visitors can only enter if accompanied by a member. Only a few of the Conclave’s more powerful and renowned members dwell at the hall; most others dwell in the surrounding houses. 
  6. The Smouldering Troll: An obviously magical sign depicting a smouldering troll corpse marks this place as Lanthorn’s best inn. Here travellers find a warm welcome, good food and strong drinks all served by the exuberant, if occasionally larcenous, goblin staff.
  7. The Broken Blade: Run by the retired mercenary Henk Sunnderman, this downmarket inn hosts a popular, and raucous, weekly fight night. The staff here comprise a curious mix of goblins, who work as servers and cooks, and retired half-orc warriors who watch over the goblins and their customers.
  8. Stables: One of Lanthorn’s only two non-goblin run business, all dogs and horses must be kept here until their owners leave Lanthorn. Its owner, the half-orc Oggor “the Thumper”, trusts no goblin to work here and is desperate to secure suitable help. 
  9. Low Gate: Low Gate is even more fortified than High Gate. Beyond lies the mountains along with their glimmering treasures and ferocious denizens. Low Gate is assailed more often than High Gate by marauding trolls. Beyond lies nothing but troll-infested mountains.

Village Backdrops are short, richly detailed supplements that each present a single village ready to insert into almost any home campaign. Perfect for use as a waystop on the road to adventure, as an adventure site themselves or as a PC’s home, Village Backdrop present the details so the busy GM can focus on crafting exciting, compelling adventures. 

For free samples head over to Raging Swan's website.

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