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Village Backdrop: Feigrvidr 2.0 (5e)
Village Backdrop: Feigrvidr 2.0 (5e)
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Village Backdrop: Feigrvidr 2.0 (5e)

A 5e Compatible GM's Resource by Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Most dwarven holds are vast and ordered halls filled with solemn and stoic craftsfolk. But that’s not Feigrvidr. Some say it’s not a dwarf hold at all, but rather a lawless mining camp ruled by dwarf thugs and ruthless agents of the ruling thane.

Founded less than three years ago by Svingal Halfbeard, the ore coming from a vale carved out of the headlands of the Titan Peaks is of the greatest purity and the works coming forth from Feigrvidr’s forges are both subtle and ingenious, rivalling those of any traditional dwarven stronghold. The great wealth coming from the foot of the Titan Peaks was only the beginning, now with the discovery of ancient and abandoned giant halls deeper among the mountains’ spires adventurers are flocking to the camp, increasing its wealth and its danger

Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises normal homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers.

  1. Raggedy Wall: Built from a hodgepodge of debris and many stone shape spells, this 15-foot high wall protects the village’s southern entrance. Guards are always posted here.
  2. Flamegaze Tavern Inn: One of the cleaner buildings in the village, it’s kept relatively peaceful by the retired (fallen) paladin, Shadra Flamegaze and her paranoid husband Venthis Flamegaze. 
  3. Imperator’s Hall: This great hall serves as the village’s seat of power and home for Svigal Halfbeard. He dwells therein with his wife, Lytha Boldbrow, and his most trusted cronies.
  4. Shadowtop Mines: This cluster of four mines was the first dug by Halfbeard and his dwarves. They are the richest mines in the vicinity of the village and wholly under Svigal Halfbeard’s control.
  5. Clanging Halls: These four large workshops resound with a rhythm of clangs as ore is refined and turned into works of art. The guards here are particularly vigilant, and the workers are particularly miserable.
  6. Sin’s Roost: A den providing gambling and sins of the flesh, this is a popular spot for miners, miscreants and adventurers. The Sin’s Roost is a particularly dangerous place for the unwary or the naive.
  7. Little Lordling’s Inn: This inn is popular with adventurers delving into the Titan Peaks in search of giant enclaves. An air of faded grandeur hangs over the place, although it is only two-years-old. 
  8. Hawkers’ Maze: This jumble of small stalls and shops sells a variety of goods (of which many are illicit).
  9. Halfling Town: This collection of stunted shacks and burrows houses a tight-knit halfling community. The halflings rarely mix with outsiders.
  10. Middens: These large vats contain the waste from both the village and the mines. 
  11. Upper Mines: These minor, less profitable, mines are leased to others by Halfbeard.
  12. Last Tower: From this roughly-finished tower Halfbeard’s minions watch for returning adventurers to tax.

Village Backdrops are short, richly detailed supplements that each present a single village ready to insert into almost any home campaign. Perfect for use as a waystop on the road to adventure, as an adventure site themselves or as a PC’s home, Village Backdrop present the details so the busy GM can focus on crafting exciting, compelling adventures. 

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