Village Backdrop: Echo Harbour (SNE)
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Village Backdrop: Echo Harbour (SNE)

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A 5e Compatible GM's Resource by Amber Underwood

Under the protection of the dragon turtle, Bonesong, Echo Harbour has flourished. The port teems with people: sailors dock their ships at the harbour and load them with supplies and trade goods, merchants haggle with merfolk on the foreshore and men in market stalls, workers toil in the busy shipyards and travellers crowd the taverns, making boasts and bets as they play games to pass the time. Over the bustle and chatter sound the shouts and songs of the orcs as they direct ships and caravans to their proper places. Recently though, Bonesong vanished. Echo Harbour has prospered under her protection, but it remains to be seen if the village has the strength to stand on its own. Only time will tell if their guardian will return or if the villagers must find another way to safeguard their future.

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Broadsail Outfitters: The Broadsail family shop sells quality supplies to sailors and adventurers. Zephyr Broadsail runs the shop and frequently offers bounties on rare sea creatures.
  2. Echo Harbour: The village takes its name from this busy harbour. It has several long docks, two warehouses for handling cargo and protective concrete walls that shelter it from the open ocean. Caller Deepway is normally on the docks, telling stories and managing workers.
  3. Kelp Farms: Outside the harbour walls are the village farms, which comprise giant kelp forests and organised rows of cultivated oysters. The merfolk farmers also catch schools of fish. All together the bounty allows them to provide for the entire village and still have surplus to trade. Grower Ouwei tends to the farms during daylight hours.
  4. Origin Cave: Icy blue light radiates from a vaguely humanoid statue sculpted from a rocky outcrop off the coast. The light guides ships safely into the harbour, but unknown to most it also marks the entrance to an underwater sea cave. The cave is sacred to the village. In addition to the rites they perform there they use it as an ossuary.
  5. Silver Scale: A popular tavern, the Silver Scale appeals to its customers with games of change and skill as well as its menu. It is a common gathering place for villagers, and the Recognised even use it for council meetings. Trademaster Broadsail has permanently reserved a quiet table here, and occupies it near constantly.
  6. Sun Market: Nothing is ever the same twice in the Sun Market. Stalls and canvas canopies can be rented for a small fee, and countless merchants, adventurers and wandering mystics set up shop here for a day or two before moving on.
  7. Treeshell Shipyard: At least one boat is being built in the shipyard at any given time, and it is a good place to make repairs. Spellwright Lightguide toils here, overseeing her numerous apprentices.


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