GM's Screen #7: Haunted House

GM's Screen #7: Haunted House

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A System Neutral Edition GM’s Resource by Creighton Broadhurst

Space behind your GM’s screen is precious (and limited). You’ve got dice, figures, the adventure, reference books—obviously a drink and snacks—as well as pencils, pens, a notebook and more! Often times a GM needs to be a juggler to make it all fit. That’s why we created the GM’s Screen line. Most GM screens focus on presenting the rules.

This GM’s Screen line is different. Instead of rules, each instalment presents a hyper-focused page of dressing, minor events and more all designed to add depth and flavour to an adventure. (And better yet, you can use the tables without your players realising what you are doing!)

This instalment of GM’s Screen comprises three tables designed to bring to life the haunted houses in your campaign and is compatible with virtually any roleplaying game.

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