GM’s Miscellany: Random Wilderness Encounters

GM’s Miscellany: Random Wilderness Encounters

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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Jesper Andersen, Richard D. Bennett, Mikael Berg, Creighton Broadhurst, Denver Edwards Jr., Jeff Erwin, Fabian Fehrs, James F.D. Graham, Mark Hoover, Kiel Howell, Ben Kent, Jacob W. Michaels, Jens Demandt Mouritsen, Julian Neale, David Posener, Brian J. Ratcliff, Jacob Trier, Christopher Wasko, Nick Wasko and Daron Woodson

Got barely enough time to prepare the module? Want to include cool, evocative random encounters in your games, but just don’t have the time to prepare them? Bored of pointless random encounters comprising bands of generic monsters that only seem to exist to attack wandering PCs? Then GM’s Miscellany: Random Wilderness Encounters is for you!

Presenting dozens of ready-to-use random encounters ranging in EL from 1 – 12 (and scores of stat blocks) GM’s Miscellany: Random Wilderness Encounters takes the  hassle out of overland travel.

GM’s Miscellany: Random Wilderness Encounters is a compilation and comprises the material originally presented in:

  • Random Encounters: Wilderness

  • Random Encounters: Wilderness II

  • Random Hill Encounters

  • Random Marsh Encounters

  • Random Woodland Encounters

  • Random Woodland Encounters II

  • And more!


    Praise for GM’s Miscellany: Random Wilderness Encounters

    “…this massive book contains awesome encounter upon awesome encounter…”

    –Endzeitgeist (five stars)

    “This book will supply everything you could want to know with a superb selection of wilderness encounters that can be dropped right into an on going campaign or used as ideas as you wish.”

    –John2412 (five stars)

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