Dunstone Poster Map
Dunstone Poster Map
Dunstone Poster Map
Dunstone Poster Map

Dunstone Poster Map

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Behold, the town of Dunstone!

This poster compliments Town Backdrop: Dunstone, which is available in 5e, Pathfinder and System Neutral editions. 

About Dunstone

Dunstone’s granite walls sprawl lazily across a hilltop south of the massive Mottled Spire. In bygone times, monsters sallied from the Mottled Spire’s twisted canyons, their onslaughts only stopped by the brave Dunstonian forces. Now after generations of quiet, the town’s once formidable moat is used by grazing sheep and playing children. The insular community has become peaceful but peace has led the town to become stuck in its old ways. A new ruler seeks to slough of Dunstone’s years of quiet and idleness to usher the town into a new era. Guilds practice their crafts, preparing to send their goods throughout the Duchy of Ashlar. Yet, the Mottled Spire and the environs beyond are never quiet. A vile creature has emerged from Gloamhold’s depths to prey on the unsuspecting townsfolk.

Format & Delivery

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*Both lairs have a monorail, an extinct volcano and irate guard swans with head mounted lasers.