Dulwich Poster Map
Dulwich Poster Map
Dulwich Poster Map
Dulwich Poster Map
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Dulwich Poster Map

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Behold, the town of Dulwich!

This poster compliments Town Backdrop: Dulwich, which is available in 5e, Pathfinder and System Neutral editions. 

About Dulwich

The growing trade town of Dulwich looms over the Great Salt Mire in the Duchy of Ashlar. A veritable torrent of lumber from the nearby forest enriches its citizens’ coffers and emboldens the growing merchant class. Dulwich’s lord, Wido Gall, resists the merchants’ efforts to topple his rule while coveting the nearby village of Longbridge. Both sides seek support from the followers of Conn, hoping to sway the newly appointed and young high priestess. Meanwhile, adventurers flock to the town’s inns and taverns, preparing their own expeditions into the ruins hidden in the nearby Forest of Gray Spires.

Format & Delivery

This poster is available in a variety of sizes. Simply select your preferred size from the dropdown menu.

All our posters are printed at either our US or Latvian facility* and shipped direct to your lair in high quality poster tubes. This is a museum-quality poster made on thick, durable, matte paper.

The poster is ready for framing or can be used at the gaming table.

*Both lairs have a monorail, an extinct volcano and irate guard swans with head mounted lasers.

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