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This week, we've got two new books to enhance your campaign. Behold:

Dungeon Backdrop: The Crumbled Tower

Hidden deep in the forest stands the Crumbled Tower. Pressed close by hoary, gnarled trees and wreathed in moss and lichens the tower is a forlorn remnant of an earlier time. Once a wizard lived here, but now the tower is nothing more than a brooding ruin standing amid the forest’s gloom. Sometimes bandits lair within or adventurers wandering the surrounds use the ruin as a base. However, unknown to all, a hidden crypt yet lurks under the tower undisturbed these long ages past.

Dungeon Backdrop: The Crumbled Tower is available in Pathfinder, 5e and System Neutral editions. 

Monstrous Lair #31: Wyvern's Nest

Monstrous Lair #31: Wyvern’s Nest provides you—the busy, time-crunched GM—with the details to effortlessly bring to life the wyvern nests in your campaign.

Monstrous Lair #31: Wyvern’s Nest is a System Neutral product.


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