The Blades Three

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The Blades Three have a tragic history. Once known as the The Nine, the group numbered, surprisingly, nine members. Most have since died during forays deep into Gloamhold. One, driven mad by his experiences, jumped into Hard Bay when the band was returning from a particularly harrowing expedition. His body was never found.

The three survivors—now unshakeably loyal to one another after countless near-death experiences—suffer from suggestions of a malignant curse hanging over the group. Others mutter, the three are in truth black-hearted and lure newcomers deep into Gloamhold before slaying them.

The Blades Three have recently relocated to Dunstone in an attempt to outrun their reputation. Their plan is to “break in some new recruits” by exploring the Mottled Spire’s wild flanks before returning to Gloamhold. Thus far only a pair of neophyte—and surely doomed—warriors have expressed interest in joining the trio.

The Blades Three comprise:

  • Arlamen Everdun (NG male half-elf ranger 3): Passionate in his love of life, but dispirited by the group’s fortunes, Arlamen wants to give up exploring Gloamhold. He longs for the southern forests, and would return there if not for Elimia and Neega. Both prefer to continue their adventures and Arlamen feels duty bound to protect them. Skilled and brave, Arlamen nevertheless fears his doom lies in Gloamhold ebon depths.
  • Elimia Itkonen (N female human wizard 3): Intoxicated by Gloamhold’s undoubted great age, and its arcane secrets, Elimia is obsessed with reaching the Twilight City. In ancient, crumbling texts she has read of the great magics employed to create the city and lusts after them. Her single-minded determination is what drives the group on (and what has caused the most casualties). Beautiful and beguiling, she can bend the weak-willed to her will and this has directly resulted in several deaths.
  • Neega Light-Foot (N female half-orc rogue 4): Neega is a relatively simple soul. At home in the dark, she enjoys going where others cannot and sometimes sneaks off on extended solo scouting missions. She is under no illusion as to her combat prowess, however, and rarely starts fights. She is content to watch and explore. Neega wears studded leather armour stained black with soot and favours the scimitar on the rare occasions she must fight. Her nose has been broken more than once, making an already plain face even less becoming. Neega is certain people look down on her because of her racial heritage and is determined to prove her worth.

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