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GM's Resources

1,000 Abnormal Troglodytes

1,000 Abnormal Troglodytes

GM's Resources

1,000 Abnormal Troglodytes

by Creighton Broadhurst

October 15, 2019

1,000 Abnormal Troglodytes

Brutish, savage and feral cave dwellers, troglodytes are the degenerate ancestors of a once proud and powerful race. Living amongst the mouldering remains of their once powerful subterranean empire, they have regressed to a more primal, simple state.

Troglodytes can be found throughout the world, dwelling in cave systems large and small. Such caves are often linked to yet deeper systems and thus adventurers battle these repugnant humanoids with surprising regularity.

Use the tables below, to add depth and flavour to the troglodytes encountered by the PCs.

A standard troglodyte appears thusly:

With a grey scaled hide, long tail and crests on its head and back this humanoid resembles a cave lizard.


To the basic description above, apply one of the entries below:

  1. One of this creature’s eyes is milky white; the troglodyte is literally half-blind and has terrible depth perception.
  2. An ugly web of scars criss-cross this warrior’s shoulders and back.
  3. This creature has a mottled grey and dull brown hide.
  4. Part of this creature’s crest has broken off.
  5. This creature has daubed its crest in mud, which has now dried and cracked.
  6. lnstead of grey scales, this troglodyte’s hide is pale white.
  7. This creature lacks the long tail of its fellows; clearly severed in some recent battle or accident, the troglodyte’s stubby tail looks inflamed and infected.
  8. Carrying a battered wooden shield with a faded emblem of a leafy tree this warrior also wears a worn, thick leather belt.
  9. Using a mixture of blood and mud, this warrior has tattooed his scales with a series of lurid swirls and spirals.
  10. This creature wears a belt festooned with many bulging pouches.

Battle Tactics

In battle, some troglodytes fight differently to their brethren:

  1. A cautious warrior, this troglodyte scuttles about the fringes of battle throwing javelins. When it runs out of missiles, it replenishes its supply with fallen or discarded weapons.
  2. Literally wild with anger and blood lust, this warrior screams before foaming at the mouth and charging into battle. Enemies bitten by the troglodyte might fear they have contracted some form of disease.
  3. This warrior is cunning. It has gathered several small pouches of dust and rubble. As it closes with its foe, it slings a pouch into its target’s face in an attempt to blind and disorientate its enemy.
  4. Grown accustomed to the taste of blood, this troglodyte now thirsts for its enemies’ lifeblood. If a nearby foe is slain or rendered unconscious, the troglodyte hurls itself onto the body and starts licking and sucking its wounds.
  5. In battle, this troglodyte hisses and snarls at its foes.
  6. This troglodyte is a coward. If reduced to half hit points or fewer, it immediately flees from battle.
  7. Unarmed, this troglodyte carries several small rocks which it flings at enemies before closing to melee.
  8. Cautious in battle, this troglodyte prefers fighting small or weak-looking enemies. It has a particular hatred for wizards and their ilk.
  9. Believing himself to be the group’s leader, this warrior tries to order its fellows about on the battlefield. They ignore him.
  10. Wielding an old warhammer of dwarven artifice, this troglodyte tries to smash and destroy enemies’ shields, armour and so on.

Trinkets & Treasures

Sometimes, troglodytes carry small trinkets or treasures. Roll on the table below, if you determine the individual has an item of treasure or interest:

  1. This troglodyte wore a pair of bone earrings. The carving is crude, but may be of interest to a collector.
  2. This troglodyte wears a small, battered and tarnished gold ring (worth 5 gp), on its left hand.
  3. A once fine fur cloak fills the troglodyte’s mouldy pack. The cloak is similarly in bad condition, but still worth 3 gp.
  4. One of this troglodyte’s javelins is obviously of ancient artifice. Its point is yet sharp, however, and carved swirls and spiral decorate the weapon’s shaft.
  5. A rusted dagger is thrust through this warrior’s crude belt. A small black stone—an onyx worth 10 gp—decorates its hilt.
  6. Incongruously, the warrior wears fine, but worn, thick leather boots of dwarven artifice. The soles are worn and one of the heels is coming away. Perceptive PCs spot a secret compartment within holding a single platinum piece.
  7. Smooth pebbles fill this troglodyte’s pouch. Mixed in among them are three sling bullets. The bullets have holes bored through them; when hurled, they create a loudly whistling sound.
  8. The ceremonial bone necklace marks this troglodyte as someone of importance. The necklace is worthless, but is instantly recognisable by other members of the tribe.
  9. This troglodyte has a bone scroll tube thrust through its belt. Sadly, the scroll within has suffered catastrophic water damage; a small portion depicting a network of nearby passages and chambers remains.
  10. A thick belt of tightly woven rope encircles this troglodyte’s waist. The belt comprises 20-foot of rope, and could be handy in an emergency.

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